Параплан Hook-4

Четвертое поколение успешного во всех смыслах параплана Hook. Относится к категории EN-B, подходит пилотам выходного дня и маршрутных полетов.


1 890 €  /  134 600 руб.

В наличии: Цена по запросу

The Hook 4 is an accessible glider for entry level pilots. A model for everyone who wants to take the next step and explore his/her abilities and possibilities as pilot while flying routes and landscapes not yet discovered. The glider accessibility, manageability and excellent performance let the pilot choose his flight paths to become the protagonist of his experience in the sky.

The docile and intuitive character of this new model brings full awareness in flight, handling ease and provides the means to progress in all phases of flight with peace of mind.

Because at Niviuk we know that confidence multiplies enjoyment exponentially, we decided to create a more balanced and stable model than its predecessors. For this reason we have worked on two fundamental aspects of the glider: the first one was to bet on the integration of a super material called Nitinol; and second, optimized the internal wing structure. Due to these major changes, we have reduced the glider weight by 5% when compared to the Hook 3.

The final result is a lighter, more dampened paraglider with a considerable reduction in inertia, and ultimately, greater pilot safety.

We have also have refined the Hook 4's Ram Air Intake system in order to increase ad keep constant internal cell pressure. Furthermore, the incorporation of Nitinol enabled us to have a more homogeneous surface and hence a better airflow. By modifying the airflow and promoting greater internal pressure to better fight turbulent air than what was found in previous models, we increased efficiency and glide.

As you can see, in the Niviuk’s DNA, serenity and good performance are not contradictory concepts. For those reasons, we define the Hook 4 as an accessible “B” category wing, full of innovations, comfortable to fly and equipped with technologies only found with the highest level gliders. The rest is up to you!

Hook 4, the pleasure of choosing.

Available also the Hook 4 P (light version). Same revolutionary design and same incredible sensations, but built with 100% ultralight materials to bring the wing's weight down to a bare minimum.

The fabric, lines, risers and wing size can all be changed to customise and adapt the model to suit your needs and preferences. Contact us and we will personally explore all the possibilities.

Технические характеристики:

Hook 4 21 23 25 27 29
Количество секций 52 52 52 52 52
Площадь, м.кв. 21 23 25 27 29
Размах, м 10,65 11,15 11,62 12,08 12,51
Удлинение 5,4 5,4 5,4 5,4 5,4
Проекционная площадь, м.кв. 17,85 19,55 21,25 22,95 24,65
Проекционный размах, м 8,45 8,84 9,22 9,58 9,93
Удлинение проекции 4 4 4 4 4
Корневая хорда, м 2,47 2,58 2,69 2,8 2,9
Минимальная хорда, м 0,49 0,52 0,54 0,56 0,58
Длина стропной системы, м 208 218 227 236 245
Длина строп до купола, м 6,5 6,8 7,09 7,36 7,63
Система стропления 2/1/3/2 2/1/3/2 2/1/3/2 2/1/3/2 2/1/3/2
Система свободных концов A/A'/B/C A/A'/B/C A/A'/B/C A/A'/B/C A/A'/B/C
Триммер NO NO NO NO NO
Ход акселератора, мм 135 135 135 135 135
Полетный вес, кг 55-70 65-85 80-100 95-115 110-130
Вес крыла, кг 4,3 4,7 4,9 5,3 5,6
Сертификат EN EN/LTF B B B B

Варианты расцветок:

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