Параплан Peak 4

Истинный маршрутный параплан для искушенных пилотов. Позволит преодолеть километры и почувствовать, как разгораются ваши эмоции! Класс EN D.


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The Peak 4 is a pure breed XC wing, ready to bridge the pleasure of flying one step closer to reality by bringing inspired confidence with your emotional response in every flight.

As an authentic XC, the glider was designed to challenge and bring out the adventurer in you. Enjoy maximum performance in each flight. Be in charge by fully and precisely controlling a superb wing able to carry you to the four corners of the world.

Fly hundreds of kilometers under a fast two liner, stable at any speed, and designed for long routes. Easy to manage and understand, with an excellent sink rate or climb in thermals. Maximum performance for experienced pilots, but with an accessibility level never seen in its category.

Through its veins runs the DNA of a world champion, the Icepeak 6, and equipped with the best features and latest technological innovations found with today's gliders.

Nitinol, to name one, is part of its internal structure, giving a uniform profile design to the wing while keeping the initial performance level intact but reducing the overall weight.

From the glider turning dreams to reality, the Peak 4 was then born. Intense, exciting, built for adventure, and with an insatiable appetite for kilometers, it has an enormous potential for endless exploration anywhere on the planet. Peak 4, the Cross Country spirited wing.

The fabric, lines, risers and wing size can all be changed to customise and adapt the model to suit your needs and preferences. Contact us and we will personally explore all the possibilities.

Технические характеристики:

 Размеры 21 23 25 27
Количество секций 75 75 75 75
Площадь, м² 21 23 24.5 26
Размах, м 11.95 12.506 12.907 13.297
Удлинение 6.8 6.8 6.8 6.8
Площадь проекции, м² 17.95 19.666 20.94 22.22
Размах проекции, м 9.604 10.051 10.374 10.686
Удлинение проекции 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14
Вес пилота 55-75 70-90 80-100 90-110
Минимальный полетный вес, кг 70 85 95 105
Максимальный полетный вес, кг 90 105 115 125
Сертификация EN D D D D


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